Computer Awareness Quiz - Set 101

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Computer Awareness Quiz - Set 101

Q1. What happens when you boot up a PC?  
(a) Portions of the operating system are copied from disk into memory
(b) Portions of the operating system are copied from memory onto disk
(c) Portions of the Operating system are complied
(d) Portions of the operating system are emulated
(e) The PC gets switched off

Q2. The dbase III plus is mostly used for which of the following?
(a) Office automation
(b) Database management problems
(c) Scientific problems
(d) Calculations only
(e) None of these

Q3. Which out of the following is not a DBMS software?
(a) dBASE
(b) FoxPro
(c) Oracle
(d) SyBase
(e) Data base 2000

Q4. Which of the following arrangements of smallest to largest is correct in the context of a database?  
(a) Character, byte field, file, database
(b) Database, record, file, character
(c) Character, record, field, database
(d) Character, field, record, file, database
(e) Character, filed, database

Q5. Which of the following heading elements displays text with the same size as the normal text written in an HTML document?  
(a) < H1 >
(b) < H2 >
(c) < H3 >
(d) < H4 >
(e) < H5 >

Q6. What does URL stand for?  
(a) Uniform Reserve Location
(b) Universal Resolution Location
(c) Universal Resource Locator
(d) Universal Re-Engineering Location  
(e) Uniform Resource Locator

Q7. Which one of the following is not an e-mail service provider?  
(a) Hotmail
(b) Gmail
(c) Bing
(d) Yahoo mail
(e) None of these

Q8. Which of the following fields of an e-mail hides the identity of the recipients?  
(a) To
(b) From
(c) CC
(d) Bcc
(e) Subject

Q9. Which of the following network devices is used to connect networks using different protocols?
(a) Hub
(b) Switch
(c) Router
(d) Gateway
(e) Repeater

Q10. Which of the following is an example of application software?
(a) Windows
(b) Solaris
(c) Mac
(d) Android
(e) Browser


At the time of the booting process, all necessary files of the operating system are copied to the main memory (RAM) from hard disk. These files contain all necessary information to start the computer and initiate the input-output process.

dbase III plus is used for database management related problem such as managing tables, queries, and reports. Usually tables, queries, and reports are maintained for a particular type of database such as inventory management, payroll and employee database.

dBASE, FoxPro, Oracle and SyBase are DBMS software used for managing the database.  

Data is a collection of unorganised facts, such as symbols, alphabets, or numbers used for representing the ideas and objects. The organised form of data is known as information. The collection of information and data that is organised such that the information is identifiable to the users is known as database.      

The text written within the H4 element has the same size as the normal plain text, whereas the text written within the H1, H2 and H3 elements are larger than the normal text. Text written within the H5 and H6 elements has smaller size than the normal text.  

URL denotes a unique identifier to files, services or websites present on the World Wide Web (WWW)

E-mail service providers allow you to create a free e-mail account. Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo Mail allow you to create a free e-mail account, but Bing doesn’t.  

Bcc stands for ‘Blind Carbon Copy’. The recipients whose e-mail addresses are added in the Bcc filed would receive a copy of the email; however, the identity of these recipients would not be disclosed.

Gateway connects more than one network that uses different protocols.

Windows, Solaris, Mac and Android are examples of the operating system that comes under the category of system software.