Computer Awareness Quiz - Set 103

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Computer Awareness Quiz - Set 103

Q1.  Which among the following term is used for: Unauthorized copying of software to be used for personal gain instead of personal backups?

(a) program thievery

(b) data snatching

(c) software piracy

(d) program looting

(e) data looting

Q2. In first generation of computers, they used ______.

(a) batch processing

(b) multithreading

(c) multiprogramming

(d) networking

(e) All of the above

Q3. Term referring to a person who uses his or her expertise to gain access to other people’s computers to get information illegally or do damage?

(a) hacker

(b) analyst

(c) instant messenger

(d) programmer

(e) spammer

Q4. To allow someone else schedule your meetings and appointments, ______ feature of Outlook is used.

(a) Monthly calendar

(b) Event manager

(c) Appointments

(d) Delegate Access

(e) Event Calendar

Q5. Which of the following device used ‘set of beads’ to represent the unit of data?



(c) Abacus

(d) MARK-I

(e) None of these

Q6. A router is a networking device that forwards data packets and is connected to two or more data lines from different networks. Which among the following was the earliest device which had almost the same functionality as that of a router?

(a) Interface Delay Device

(b) Interface Traffic Manager

(c) Interface Routing Processor

(d) Interface Message Processor

(e) Interface Data Manager

Q7. A vacuum tube (also called a VT, electron tube or, in the UK, a valve ) is a device sometimes used to amplify electronic signals.  Vacuum Tubes were used in which generation of Computers?

(a) 1st Generation

(b) 2nd Generation

(c) 3rd Generation

(d) 4th Generation

(e) 5th Generation

Q8. In Computer programming API is set of subroutine definitions, protocols, and tools for building software and applications. Which among the following is an application programming interface for the programming language Java, which defines how a client may access a database?

(a) J2EE

(b) JDK


(d) JDBC

(e) JSX

Q9. Which of the following error occurs when software tries to access protected memory?

(a) Segmentation Fault

(b) Displaytime Error

(c) IO Error

(d) Runtime Error

(e) Zero Division Error

Q10. Which among the following is a term representing unit of data storage in computer memory?

(a) Pixel

(b) Decimal

(c) Octet

(d) Point



Software piracy is the illegal copying, distribution, or use of software.


In First Generation mainly batch processing operating system were used.


Hacker is someone who seeks and exploits weaknesses in a computer system.


Delegate Access is a more advanced feature than just sharing your Outlook folders. If you want to grant additional permissions, such as allowing a delegate the ability to create e-mail messages or respond to meeting requests on your behalf, you must use Delegate Access.

Ans5. (c)

The abacus (plural abaci or abacuses), also called a counting frame, is a calculating tool with a set of beads for counting.


The very first device that had fundamentally the same functionality as a router does today was the Interface Message Processor (IMP); IMPs were the devices that made up the ARPANET, the first TCP/IP network.


First Generation computers are characterized by the use of vacuum tubes. These vacuum tubes were used for calculation as well as storage and control. Later, magnetic tapes and magnetic drums were implemented as storage media. The first vacuum tube computer, ENIAC, was developed by US army ordinance to calculate ballistic firing tables in WWII. It had about 17 000 vacuum tubes.


Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) is an application programming interface (API) for the programming language Java, which defines how a client may access a database. It is part of the Java Standard Edition platform, from Oracle Corporation.


A segmentation fault is a common condition that causes programs to crash; they are often associated with a file named core. They are caused by a program trying to read or write an illegal memory location. In other words, this is a memory access violation error.


Octet is another name for a byte=8bits