Computer Awareness Quiz - Set 96

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Computer Awareness Quiz - Set 96

Q1. Which of the following generations of computers used transistors for the first time?
(a) First generation
(b) Second generation
(c) Third generation
(d) Fourth generation
(e) Fifth generation

Q2. Which of the following is a translator program used for assembly language?
(a) Complier
(b) Interpreter
(c) Translation
(d) Translator
(e) Assembler

Q3. In the past generation of computers, IBM system/360 was a :
(a) mainframe computer
(b) minicomputer
(c) microcomputer
(d) All of these
(e) None of these

Q4. In computer terms, a system is defined as :
(a) an integration of different units so as to achieve an objective
(b) input unit
(c) input and output units
(d) input, output and storage units
(e) storage units

Q5. Which of the following is the largest space among given options?
(a) Kilobyte
(b) Petabyte
(c) Terabyte
(d) Gigabyte
(e) Nibble

Q6. Which of the following is a type of monitor?
(a) CRT
(b) LED
(c) TFT
(d) OLED
(e) All of these

Q7. BIOS is the most important part of the computer system. Choose the correct full form of BIOS.
(a) Basic Input/Output System
(b) Best Input/Output System
(c) Basic Input/Output Symbol
(d) Base Input/ Output System
(e) None of these

Q8. The processing of a job is done on the priority of job or urgency of the job. This is called :
(a) FIFO scheduling
(b) LIFO scheduling
(c) Priority scheduling
(d) SJF scheduling
(e) None of these

Q9. A microcomputer’s storage subsystems comprise ______ or ______ media.
(a) memory, video
(b) magnetic, optical
(c) optical, memory
(d) video, magnetic
(e) None of these

Q10. What are those programs collectively called which are created for performing particular tasks in the computer system?
(a) System software
(b) Application software
(c) Utility software
(d) Operating system
(e) None of these


Bardeen and Shockley invented transistors, which replaced vacuum tubes in the second generation of computers.

Assembler translates a program written in an assembly language into machine language.

IBM System/360 is a mainframe computer. Mainframes are computers that are particularly used by big firms to store their historical as well as the present data, which is highly valuable for the firm. These types of computers are also used for bulk data processing, where the bulk data may include census, statistical data, ERP and transaction records.

In terms of computer, a system is an integration of different units so as to achieve an objective. These units consist of memory unit, processing unit, output unit, and so on.  

Petabyte (PB) is the largest memory among all of the above. 1 PB = 1000000000000000 = 1015 bytes = 1000 terabytes.

CRT stands for cathode ray tube, LED is light emitting diode, TFT is thin film transistor and OLED stands for Organic LED. These are different types of technologies used in computer monitors.

BIOS or Basic Input/Output system is a set of instructions provided to a computer microprocessor at the time of booting.

Priority scheduling is the technique of scheduling a job as per the priority for processing. In this the processor stops the ongoing job processing and provided resources to the job on priority for processing.

Nowadays, in microcomputers, storage subsystems consist of magnetic or optical media. These are modern ways of storing data.

Applications are software or computer programs that are built to execute or allow the execution of special tasks on a computer, such as a music application that enables users to play, learn or even create music.