English Quiz Based on New Pattern Set - 65

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English Quiz Based on New Pattern Set - 65

Q1. At the sound of the bell we are _________ to pause, relax our body and become gently _________of our in-breath and out-breath.
(a) asked, thoughtless
(b) requested, wishful
(c) invited, aware
(d) forced, meaningful
(e) prepared, programmed

Q2. _______ to listen to the sounds of nature, we find that we can afterwards carry on with whatever we were doing in a more ________ and loving way.
(a) Feeling, helpful
(b) Waiting, rough
(c) Dreaming, dramatic
(d) Pausing, attentive
(e) set, duration

Q3. My inward petition was instantly ___________. First, a delightful cold wave descended over my back and under my feet, ___________ all discomfort.
(a) acknowledged, banishing
(b) repudiated, infuriating
(c) acceded, exacerbating
(d) decimated, assuaging
(e) asked, thoughtless

Q4. Aruna __________ her team with a lot of skill and the ___________ increase in the sales by the team is a measure of her success.
(a) dominates, poor
(b) condemns, sudden
(c) manages, significant
(d) directs, worthless
(e) needed, reflect

Q5. On being asked for the passport, he ________ to his dismay that he had ______________ to bring it along with him to the airport.
(a) shocked, failed
(b) realized, forgotten
(c) pleaded, neglected
(d) understood, stood
(e) aided, cut

Q6. Helen quickly__________   the career ladder and is now the ___________ managing director, the company has ever appointed.
(a) jumped, shortest
(b) entered, oldest
(c) started, junior most
(d) climbed, youngest
(e) invent, growing

Q7. A famous economist says that the government should do more to ________ jobs in the area in order to curb the ____________ rate of unemployment.
(a) create, rising
(b) need, increasing
(c) employ, high
(d) invent, growing
(e) built, stop

Q8. After __________ payrolls and tightening perks to cope with the economic slowdown last year, software companies are finding that and management graduates are transferring their _____________ to vocations such as manufacturing and banking.
(a) trimming, loyalties
(b) reducing, accounts
(c) hiking, services
(d) increased, affections
(e) need, increasing

Q9. It is very important to ___________ that when the swine flu virus enters a human body. It takes a minimum of one day to a maximum of eight days for the disease to develop __________.
(a) gauge, extensively
(b) ascertain, further
(c) understand, fully
(d) verify, remarkably
(e) noticed, peculiar

Q10. Auroras are natural light displays in the sky, usually _________ at night, _______  in the Polar regions.
(a) watch, upward
(b) noticed, peculiar
(c) observed, only
(d) found, most
(e) sought, completion


Q1. c, Q2. d, Q3. d, Q4. c, Q5. b
Q6. d, Q7. a, Q8. a, Q9. c, Q10. c