English Quiz Based on New Pattern Set - 78

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English Quiz Based on New Pattern Set - 78

Directions (1-4): In the question given below, there is an error in each part of the sentence. Read each sentence to find out the part of the sentence which has No error. If no part is correct, mark (e) as your answer. (Ignore errors of punctuation, if any.)

Q1. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) have come under (a)/ a lot of fire in recent months for its interest rate decisions.(b)/ Critics went to town claiming it was seeing imaginary inflation pressures in the economy. These attacks turned severe when the consumer price data for June was release. (c)/ The sharpen acceleration in inflation since than shows the critics were wrong.(d)/ No part is correct.(e)

Q2. Education systems in many countries are not performing up to (a)/expectation and many families has been turning towards  private schools (b)/since they feel that the later deliver better education, (c)/especially when public schooling itself is not full free (d)/ No part is correct.(e)

Q3. It is pity that a son (a)/born from very good parents(b)/should live an life of (c)/misery and deprivation off the worst order(d)/No part is correct. (e)

Q4. I were pretty sure that (a)/ he would support my views (b)/ for changing the age-old (c)/ and statics structure of our organisation.(d)/ No part is correct.(e)

Directions (5-10): In the sentence given below there is blank which is to be filled with the options given below. Find out the appropriate pair of words in each case which can most suitably complete the sentence without altering the meaning of the statement.

Q5.  Successful partnership will ______ both countries to navigate, calibrate and accommodate their respective national interests.
(a) get, take
(b) require, need
(c) fetch, qualify
(d) bring, restrict
(e) give, deprived

Q6. Indian information technology industry is going through a challenging _____, when the traditional business is being disrupted and companies have to identify their own path to non-linear growth.
(a) inflation, trade
(b) requirement, company
(c) phenomenon, place
(d) law, economy
(e) phase, stage

Q7. We take tens of thousands of breaths per day; yet, it is quite possible that we may spend our whole lifetime without ever _________ about whether we can improve the quality of breathing.
(a) spending, implying
(b) deleveraging,
(c) component, reasoning
(d) pondering, ruminating
(e) utilization, targeting

Q8.  Judges will ______  the performances based on their artistic and technical features.
(a) fine, attempt
(b) lower, down
(c) score, mark
(d) turn, back
(e) influence, privatization

Q9. The cow over multiple eras assumed a holy ______. It draws respect by a culture, as though it was a crucial family member.
(a) amazing, bigger
(b) dimension, representation
(c) status, place
(d) figure, growth
(e) drastic, jubilant

Q10. The effect of the new policy will be unknown for the ______  future.
(a) instant, retrograde
(b) immediate, near
(c) coming, reaction
(d) target, shift
(e) next, alteration

Answers :

There is no error in (b) part.
Part (a) is incorrect. RBI is a single body organization, hence, "HAS" should be used.
Replace 'release' with "released" in part (c)
Similarly, in part (d) of the sentence, use of "than" is incorrect. 'Then' is mainly an adverb, often used to situate actions in time. For example, you wake up in the morning and then have breakfast. It’s also used in if … then constructions such as, “If you wake late, then you might have to skip breakfast.”

Than is a conjunction used mainly in making comparisons—e.g., “My breakfast is better than yours”; “I make breakfast differently than you do.”

Part A is correct.
There are errors in (b) and (c) part of the sentence. In B replace "has" with "have".
In 'c', Use of "Later" is incorrect.
Later- happening at a time subsequent to a reference time.
Latter- referring to the second of two things or persons mentioned (or the last one or ones of several)
Hence replace 'later' with 'latter'.
In art D, replace full with "fully".

There is no error in part A.
In B - Use ‘of’ in place of 'from'
In C- use "a life", in place of an life.
In D- use "of the worst".

There is no error in B.
In part A, replace 'were' with 'was'.
In C,  Views should be followed by 'on' and not 'for'. “Your views on something are the beliefs or opinions that have about it, for example, whether you think it is good, bad, right or wrong”.
In part D, replace 'statics' with 'static'.

Option B is the most appropriate pair of words.

Option E is the most appropriate pair of words.

Option D is the most appropriate pair of words.

Option C is the most appropriate pair of words.

Option C is the most appropriate pair of words.

Option B is the most appropriate pair of words.