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Hello Folks, Firstly Congratulations to the aspirants who have cleared CWE RRB VI exams, as IBPS have declared results and cutoff for RRB VI for the post of Officers and in coming days we can expect the declaration of Interview dates also. So for the preparation of Interview. We hereby with a Interview Experience of our Team Member who is working as a Scale II Officer in RRB. 

Exam-- CWE RRB - V

Post - General Banking Officer- Scale II.

Name- Ruchi Lonare

Venue- Central Bank Training College, Bhopal, MP

Time-- 8.30 AM

I reached center by 8 AM. No one was there outside the center but when I entered the premises, around 30 people were waiting in a hall. I also sat talked to persons who were sitting near me.

The members who were managing the interviews calling our name one by one and they provided us one declaration which we have to fill and declare the same matter on blank page.

After half an hour they called us one by one according to Panels. I was in Panel 1 and my number was 6. Firstly they verified the documents. It was done smoothly no cross question asked because I arranged all the documents two days before itself. Then Biometric done and we have to wait outside the rooms.

For documentation, Please carry atleast 5 to 6 photos with you. All documents should be arranged in the order as per list. Your Application form should be kept first. People who are working they should bring NOC Letter as per requirement. Because while documentation only they were creating problem to working people as they were asking them to get in that format and other related things.

When I entered the rooms there were 6 members sitting inside the room. To my extreme right one lady(M1) was there. 4(M1, M2, M3, M4) experienced members were sitting in front of me. One young person was sitting extreme left to me(M5).

I greeted everyone Good Morning Mam and Good Morning Sir. 

M1 offered me chair.

M1. What is your name? From where you are?

Me- My name is Ruchi. I am from Bhopal.

M1. Why you left HDFC?

Me- I answered. she was satisfied with my answer.

M2. You worked with HDFC then tell their 2 main products.

Me- HDFC Life and HDFC Home loans

M3. You worked with ICICI in Vidharbha region. Tell me why farmer commit suicide in Maharashtra.

Me- Mainly because of drought. No water than irrigation is not possible. They are unable to repay loans from banks or lenders.

M4. Tell me about your graduatn/ post graduation subject biotechnology and marketing. (one question each)

Me- I answered them with examples.

M5. Suppose we give you a branch in a village to handle with a target of 5 lakh deposits. How will you do?

Me- Firstly, I will check the population of the village, people how literate they are and till now how they are doing transactions. If possible will do campaigns and make them aware about banking and banking products. If farmers are more in tht particular place so we can tell them farmer related benefits for opening a account with us.

M5. Then what will be the role of sarpanch. You know who is Sarpanch?

Me- Yes, he surely have all details of the farmers and businessmen in the village we can ask them to assist.

M5. Ok When last nationalization of banks done and who was the PM at that time?

Me- I was confused that who was the PM. I was thinking and he answered in 1969 it was done. Then he added Indira Gandhi.

M1. You know who is Cyrus Mystry?

Me- Yes, he is debarred from Tata Groups recently.

M1. What was the controversy do you know?

Me- I was unable to recall so said sorry mam I can't recall it and said he violated the rules of company.

M1. Ok. Who will be the new chairman of Tata Groups?

Me- Again I was blank. She smiled and answered Natarajan Chandrasekaran.

M2. All banks have to give a portion to the particular sector what it is called?

Me-- Priority Sector Lending

M2. What is the target of RRB in PSL?

Me- 75%

M2. For commercial and for agriculture?

Me- Commerical banks it is 40% and Agriculture- 18% for both RRB and commercial.

M3. Tell me the names of Lady CEO's in Banking.

Me-- SBI- Arundhatti Mam

ICICI- Chanda Kochar Mam

Axis- Shikha Sharma Mam

I was saying Mam after each name.

M6. What is Debit and Credit Cards.

Me- It is mainly used for the payments. In debit cards you can withdraw money but not in credit cards. Immediately money will be debited from your account if you swap that card for purchase whereas in credit cards the credit period or for repaying the loan you will get time. Payment can be done after a period of time decided by the banks and customer when issued.

He was satisfied with the answered.

M2. You did some computer course also.

Me- Yes Sir, Basics of Computer.

M2. Ok in Banking there is base in which every bank work?

Me- Lono, Finacle.

M2. No I am not asking software. It is used by all banks?

Me- (I was confused what he is asking)

M2- CBS is it?

Me- Core Banking Solution. Yes Sir.

M1. You have experience in Insurance also?

Me- No Mam

M1. Ok who is the regulator of Insurance?

Me- IRDAI she asked fullform also-- Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India.

M5. What is BHIM?

Me- It is a UPI based app which is launched by Narendra Modi and it is launched to encourage people to do cashless transaction. To fulfill the motive of Digital India Mission.

That was the time when Demonetisation was in news and PM was aiming for cashless economy.

M5. Who is BHIM?

Me- Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Ji

M5. When it was launched?

Me- 31st Dec 2016

He was looking satisfied with the answers.

Everyone Then smiled and said thanks n again I greeted them ans said thanks. 

Before I left my seat M1 said me you speak politely and looks decent. Will you able to do RRB job?

(when she said I was smiling)

M3. See actually boys don't face problems in such places but being a lady will it be possible for you join if we send you in rural areas because daily up down will be not possible for you to do it from your hometown.

Me- I said yes. I am ok with that.

Everyone was smiling and said all the best to me, again I thanked them and left the room.

After Leaving room, again bio metric is done and then I left the center.

Please Note---

1. Dressing is very important. Dress well and try to avoid wearing jeans or tight clothes. I saw people wearing jeans today may be no one is there to guide them. Google it or ask how to dress up for interview. Specially boys.. one of my friend who was not comfortable with the tie he looses it and interviewer point out the same.

For female candidate, if you are wearing suit then choose line suit. Cotton suits with narrow border, colors of your choice but go with light colors.

They judge you by your appearance also. So please take care of these things.

2. Make 2 sets of all the documents and arrange it according to the list in interview call letter.

3. Atleast all copies of the document.

4. Keep 3-5 passport size photos.

Brush up your banking knowledge as they will be asking questions of daily banking operations more and priority sector lending.

Be confident. Be transparent to them. They just check your feasibility, adaptability and most important will you be comfortable with the RRB Job.

All the best for the Interviews.

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