NABARD Grade A (ESI and ARD) Exam Quiz (20th April 2018)

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NABARD Grade A (ESI and ARD) Exam Quiz (20th April 2018)

Q.1 Public enterprises survey 2015-16 is released by –
D. Department of Public enterprises
E. Union government

Q.2 NCCT is recently in news, What does ‘T’ stands for in NCCT?
A. Task
B. Territories
C. Term
D. Trade
E. Tourism

Q.3 Which five-year plan is also known as Liberalization of Economy?
A. 5th FYP
B. 9th FYP
C. 10th FYP
D. 8th FYP
E. 7th FYP

Q.4 RBI reconstituted an oversight 5 five-member panel for bad loan solutions who headed the committee?
A. Pradeep Kumar
B. Prabhas Kumar jha
C. Uday kotak
D. Arvind mayaram
E. Kewal Kumar sharma

Q.5 Twenty-point Programme was launched in
A. 1960
B. 1975
C. 1970
D. 1980
E. 1982

Q.6 The term Seignorage is related to –
A. Insurance
B. Recession
C. Inflation
D. Internet Banking
E. None of these

Q.7 In union budget 2017-18 the specific relaxation with respect to holding period for treating it as long term asset has been given to –
A. Debt funds
B. Real estates
C. Gold exchange funds
D. Unlisted equities
E. None of these

Q.8 Nirvan fund was set up to help –
A. Youths of Nomadic tribe
B. Displaced Kashimiri Pandits
C. Old age people having no means of livelihood
D. Ventures of selected candidates trained under PMKVY but don’t get any job
E. None of these

Q.9 NITI Aayog has recommended ‘Price deficiency system’ in three year action plan. The system is a –
A. Measure to boost food processing industries
B. Measure to boost banking industry
C. Measure to boost handicraft industry
D. Measure to boost export subsidies
E. Reform to minimum support price system in agricultural marketing.

Q.10 Recession is defined as –
A. a downturn in the aggregate demand on overall fall in the demand
B. general fall in demand as economic activities takes a downturn, Industries resort
to ‘price cuts’ to sustain their business
C. the economy heats up and a demand supply lag is visible
D. demand goes upward, inflation also moves upward making borrowing cheaper for investors
E. All of these


Q1. D
The survey is released by Department of Public enterprises, Ministry of heavy industries and public enterprises on the performance of central public sector enterprises.

Q2. B
NCCT- Non-cooperative companies and territories RBI prohibited Indian entities from making direct investment in any entities located in NCCT.

Q3. D
The liberalization policies were unveiled by then Finance minister Dr. Manmohan singh in 1991-92.

Q4. A

Q5. B

The programme was conceived for coordinated and intensive monitoring of a number of schemes implemented by the Central and the state governments.

Q6. C
It is an inflation tax.

Q7. B
An individual can claim long term capital gain on selling a house property after holding it for two years instead of three years.

Q8. D

Q9. E

Q10. B