Reasoning Puzzle Quiz Set - 18

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Reasoning Puzzle Quiz Set - 18

Directions(Q1-Q5): Study the following information carefully and answer the question given below:

There are eight people — G, H, I, J, K, L M and N — each of them belongs to different Country viz., India, USA, England, China, France, Russia, Itly and Germany. But not necessarily in the same order. They live in an eight story building. Having floors numbered one to eight — each of them on different floor. (The Ground Floor is numbered Floor No. 1, the Floor above it Floor No. 2 and so on).
G lives on even numbered floor. Three people live between J and the person from India. Three persons live between L and G. The person from India live immediately below G's floor. N lives immediately above G's floor and immediately below K's floor. G is from Italy. There are five floors between the floors on which J and the person from England lives. The person from Germany lives on the floor immediately below the floor on which the person from India lives. H lives on the even numbered floor. I does not belong to India. Three persons live between the persons from USA and Germany. Four persons live between the persons from USA and China. L does not belong to Russia.

Q1. On which of the following floors, does the person from USA live?
a. Fourth
b. Sixth
c. Fifth
d. Eighth
e. None of these

Q2. Who lives on the top most floor?
a. K
b. G
c. N
d. M
e. None of these

Q3. To which country does J belong?
a. Germany
b. England
c. Russia
d. India
e. France

Q4. Who lives exactly between H and L?
a. M
b. I
c. J
d. N
e. K

Q5. The person from India lives on which floor?
a. Second
b. Third
c. Sixth
d. Fourth
e. Fifth

Direction(Q6-Q10): Study the given information and answer the following questions:

There are eight male persons named Rajiv, Suresh, Kapil, Karan, Vipul, Amit, Rakesh and Vipin attended a party with their wives and children. Their wives named are Naina, Priya, Kusum, Akshara, Mahima, Kavya, Naira and Anjali, but not necessarily in the same order. The eight children named are Kittu, Mitthu, Bittu, Bulbul, Gungun, Pintu, Akki and Mintu.
Amit comes with his wife Kavya and child Pintu in the party. Neither Kittu nor Gungun is the child of Karan. Suresh's wife name is Priya and child's name is Mitthu. Akki is the child of Rakesh. Anjali's child name is Mintu. Kapil's child name is Bittu. Anjali and Kusum are the wives of Vipin and kapil, but not necessary in the same order. Naira and Naina are not the wives of Karan and Vipul. Mahima is the mother of Gungun.

Q6. Which of the following family combination is correct?
a. Amit-Kavya-Bittu
b. Rakesh-Priya-Kittu
c. Vipul-Mahima-Gungun
d. Suresh-Naira-Mitthu
e. None of these

Q7. Who among the following are the parents of Bulbul?
a. Suresh-Kusum
b. Karan-Priya
c. Vipin-Akshara
d. Vipul-Mahima
e. None of these

Q8. If Naina is the wife of Rajiv, then who is the husband of Naira?
a. Karan
b. Amit
c. Suresh
d. Rakesh
e. Vipin

Q9. Who among the following is the husband of Kusum?
a. Kapil
b. Suresh
c. Vipin
d. Rakesh
e. None of these

Q10. Who is the husband of Akshara?
a. Vipin
b. Suresh
c. Vipul
d. Kapil
e. None of these

Q1-Q5: Correct Arrangement:

Q1. D, Q2. A, Q3. C, Q4. B, Q5. E

Q6-Q10: Correct Arrangement:

Q6. C, Q7. E, Q8. D, Q9. A, Q10. E