Reasoning Puzzle Quiz Set - 31

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Reasoning Puzzle Quiz Set - 31

Directions (1-5): Read the information given below and answer the questions that follow.

There are 14 people sitting in 2 rows, 7 in each. A to N are 14 people. Boys in one row and girls in other. Boys face south and girls face north. They sit based on their ranks of JEE from right to left in decreasing order of their scores (increasing order of their marks). 4 couples, sitting opposite to each other; Aft EF, IJ and MN. A secured 1st among boys and M came last among boys. E and I came 3rd and 5th among boys while 2nd and 6th was secured by L and D among girls. C sits next to A and H sits next to J. H scored the median rank among the girls and her counterpart among the boys is sitting opposite to her. K came last but one.

Q1. Which of the following are opposite to each other?
a. EH
b. CK
c. AM
d. GH
e. None of these

Q2. Who is sitting right of J and is also opposite to H?
a. E
b. C
c. I
d. L
e. None of these

Q3. Who is the person second to right of opposite H?
a. E
b. C
c. I
d. L
e. None of these

Q4. Who secured last but 2nd rank among girls?
a. F
b. H
c. I
d. L
e. None of these

Q5. Who secured last but 3rd rank among boys?
a. F
b. G
c. I
d. L
e. None of these

Directions (6-10): Study the following information carefully and answer the question given below:

There are eight people — A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H — each of them belongs to different states viz., UP, Odisha, Haryana, Kerala, MP, Delhi, West Bengal and Bihar. But not necessarily in the same order. They live in an eight story building. Having floors numbered one to eight — each of them on different floor. (The Ground Floor is numbered Floor No. 1, the Floor above it Floor No. 2 and so on). C does not belong to UP. The person from UP live immediately below A's floor. A is from West Bengal. Four persons live between the persons from Odisha and Kerala. Three persons live between F and A. H lives immediately above A's floor and immediately below Es floor. There are five floors between the floors on which D and the person from Haryana lives. A lives on even numbered floor. Three people live between D and the person from UP. The person from Bihar lives on the floor immediately below the floor on which the person from UP lives. B lives on the even numbered floor. Three persons live between the persons from Odisha and Bihar. F does not belong to Delhi.

Q6. To which state does D belong?
a. Bihar
b. Haryana
c. Delhi
d. UP
e. MP

Q7. Who lives exactly between B and F?
a. G
b. C
c. D
d. H
e. E

Q8. Who lives on the top most floor?
a. E
b. A
c. H
d. G
e. None of these

Q9. On which of the following floors, does the person from Odisha live?
a. Fourth
b. Sixth
c. Fifth
d. Eighth
e. None of these

Q10. The person from the state of UP lives on which floor?
a. Second
b. Third
c. Sixth
d. Fourth
e. Fifth


Q1-5: Correct Arrangement:

Boys:  A   C   E   G   I   K   M

Girls:  B   D   F   H   J   L   N

Q1. d, Q2. e, Q3. b, Q4. a, Q5. b

Q6-10: Correct Arrangement:

Floors    States               Persons
8            Odisha                  E
7            Haryana                H
6            West Bengal         A
5            UP                        G
4            Bihar                     B
3            Kerala                   C
2            MP                        F
1            Delhi                     D

Q6. c, Q7. b, Q8. a, Q9. d, Q10. e